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Rules & Conditions

The following guidelines are for your comfort and safety. Please take a moment to read them.

We also ask that you be considerate of other guests and ensure your site and belongings are kept secure and tidy at all times. We also appreciate that you observe the rules displayed around the park facilities and abide by any health and safety rules as directed by management.

Reception Hours: 8.30am to 6.30pm daily (10am to 12noon Christmas Day). The office may be unattended on occasion however contact information will be displayed on the door.

Departure: all sites/accommodation is 10.00am on day of departure. Please return keys to “return key” box located outside office. Should you wish to extend your stay, please do so the day prior to departure.

Refunds: There will be no refund after arrival if your stay is cut short for any reason and the room/site is left vacant. If the room/site can be re-let at any point after your departure, an equivalent refund will be made available to you less an administration fee of $20.00.

Sites: the person holding the permit to occupy the site/accommodation is responsible for the conduct of all persons with them. The area must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Please use only approved rubber matting under awnings – no plastic tarps or shade cloth.  Management reserves the right to terminate any permit at anytime without refund and to receive compensation for any damage to park property or the need for excessive cleaning. A limit of 6 people per site and one motor vehicle applies.

Vehicles: that do not fit on your site must be parked in the carpark at the front entrance or outside of the park. Do not park on other sites and please ensure roadways are clear at all times. When travelling through the park please use the roadways provided – do not drive through other sites.

Noise: to ensure everyone enjoys their stay, please keep noise to a minimum between 10pm and 8am. Please be considerate at all other times.

Parking: one car space per site/accommodation. Please park your vehicle in the allotted position and not on the roadways or other sites. Please do not drive over sites – use roads provided and obey one-way signs.

Visitors: must park in the carpark, sign in at office and vacate by 10pm.

Smoking: please note that smoking is not permitted in any accommodation, amenities or common areas.

Children: are to be supervised at all times. For the safety of all guests, we require that all children are back at their registered accommodation/site by 10pm. Adults/parents are responsible for all children in their care. Bicycles/scooters/rollerblades/go-karts: to be used during daylight hours only and please observe all road rules including the wearing of helmets and necessary protective gear.

Pets: All pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Droppings must be bagged and placed into rubbish bins. Pets must not be left unattended at any time. Please do not tie pets to trees, sprinklers or power boxes.

Laundry: Washing powder and change available from office. Clothes lines and pegs provided. Please do not tie temporary clothes lines between trees and bushes.

Fires: No open fires are permitted in the park.

Car Wash: No washing of cars /caravans in the park. There is a large car wash (suitable for caravans) located behind the service station in town.

Speed limit: all roads in the property are shared between pedestrians and vehicles and therefore the speed limit is walking pace only.

Rubbish: we encourage recycling so please use the tubs and bins provided. Please bag all general rubbish prior to placing in bins. No fish waste to be placed in park bins at any time.

Dump point: for cannisters is located near our on-site vans or there is a Dump-Ezy located next door in Henley Park.

Wildlife: Please do not feed the wildlife as human food can be detrimental to their health.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Bookings are not confirmed until the required security deposit of one night’s accommodation has been paid and deposited 30 days prior to arrival. (Please note that if the booking is for one night only – full payment is required).
  • There will be no refund after arrival if your stay is cut short for any reason and the room/site is left vacant.
  • If the room/site can be re-let at any point after your departure, an equivalent refund will be made available to you, less an administration fee of $20.00.
  • Deposits for cancellation or alterations made to the booking within 14 days of arrival will not be refunded unless the accommodation can be re-let for the equivalent time-frame originally booked.
  • Deposits for cancellations outside 14 days of arrival can be credited for 6 months or refunded, less an administration fee of $20.00.
  • For all group bookings, cancellation fees apply for each site booking.
  • We reserve the right to change room/site allocation (within the appropriate category) if deemed necessary.
  • We require a minimum nights stay on long weekends and local special events.

Pet Policy:

Our park is pet friendly and any visit by you or your pet is subject to the following conditions:

  • All pets must remain on a leash at all times whilst in the park.
  • With the exception of assistance dogs, all other pets are not allowed in any of our accommodation or facilities such as Cabins, On-site vans, Amenities, Camp Kitchen, Recreation Room and Laundry. Any evidence of pets inside cabins or on-site vans will incur an additional cleaning fee of $100.00.
  • Any disturbances such as barking must be kept to an absolute minimum to ensure that other guests are not inconvenienced.
  • Droppings must be bagged and put into rubbish bins.
  • Unruly or dangerous dogs are not permitted within the park.
  • Park management accepts no responsibility for other people’s pets and therefore, pets must not be left unattended at any time.
  • For health and safety reasons, please do not use the park washing machines for any dog related accessories such as dog blankets, toys etc.
  • Park Management reserves the right to evict and withhold any refunds from guests whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive and/or aggressive, or is the subject of a legitimate complaint from other guests.